Innovation IT

The process from idea to concept or proven solution is often difficult and time consuming for most organizations. L3T can speed up the process and help management to get a good overview of the business case before the budget is released.

Among other things, our services include:

From idea to concept:

  • Pre-studies
  • Concept descriptions
  • Requirement specifications
  • Use case descriptions and workshops
  • Prototype development
  • Proof of concept

From concept to implementation:

  • Software development
  • IT projects including design, engineering, quality assurance and project management
  • Implementation plans and commissioning
  • End user training

Alarm Management

The fundamental purpose of alarm annunciation is to alert the operator to deviations from normal operating conditions, i.e. abnormal operating situations. This might seem like a simple task but can be very difficult to manage in real life and alarm rates 10-20 times above recommended maximum is more the rule than the exception. With 20+ years of experience, L3T can provide consultancy and guidance on many aspects of Alarm Management:


  • Alarm Management fingerprints
  • Alarm Analysis
  • Awareness seminars
  • Training and Workshops
  • Alarm Rationalization
  • Implementation of ISA 18.2 or IEC 62682


  • Alarm logging and KPI reporting (using 3. Party software)
  • Alarm Rationalization tools (under development)
  • Master Alarm Database (using 3. Party software)

Shutdown Analysis

An automatic emergency shutdown systems sole purpose is to ensure that a plant is put into a “safe” state in case of an unsafe incident like a gas leak, high temperature or high pressure. This function is essential on all plants in the oil and gas, chemical and simular industries. Most countries has regulation in place to ensure that not only must an automatic emergency shutdown system be installed. It must furthermore be checked reguarly to verify that the emergency shutdown system actually performs as expected during real shutdowns.

We have developed software called SDA(ShutDown Analysis) Manager which aids the user in the process of verifying existing cause and effect(C&E) diagrams against real shutdown events. The software imports the C&E diagrams and real events from an event historian. Then compares the data and outputs unexpected behaviour like missing shutdowns, effects missing feedback, additional trips and more.

The major benefits are:

  • Up to 75% time/cost reduction when producing SD analyses(after the initial configuration).
  • Unified models and rules for performing the analysis.
  • Automatic categorization of all critical and non-critical findings.
  • Standardization and improved consistency between analysis and result.
  • Overview of all causes, effects, intertrips and relations between aforementioned.

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