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One-year celebration and retrospective

This month it is one year since we formed our company. It has been an exciting year with many activities. Not all turned out as expected, but we are very proud to have established a professional alternative to the established companies in record time. This includes:

  • QA system and HSE manuals
  • JQS Achilles approval
  • Wiki based L3T knowledge system for instructions and guidelines
  • Cloud based software development environment

On the business side, most of our efforts have been put into a major development project regarding Shutdown Analyses (SDA). The rest of the time has been divided between alarm management consultancy, service jobs and future positioning in the “level 3” area. Recently, we have evaluated the different plant historian vendors in the market and found OSISOFT PI to be the best choice. We have initiated cooperation with OSISOFT and are considering becoming an OSISOFT partner.

The future looks promising. We are beginning to have our own solutions and “off-the-shelf” components. The SDA solution is almost ready to go live and untill now we have gotten good feedback from our users. Next week we are launching a new development project for a solution that we believe will have an even greater appeal and potential compared to the SDA solution. The solution is still a secret, but keep an eye on this blog. More information will be announced when we have a prototype ready.


Emerging development for offshore Shutdown Analyses

Since the kickoff in the beginning of April, there has been a lot of activity in the Research & Development department. Design meetings, drawings and “state model” discussions are now emerging to the first software prototypes. The objective is to make a software application that can automate 80-90% of a Shutdown Analysis, which today is a manual and time-consuming process.

The solution will include:

  • Workspace Manager for re-arranging and capture of preferred workspaces.
  • State Model engine for modelling of rules and analysis tasks.
  • Import Wizards for DCS Objects.
  • Incredible filtering features
  • Embedded Excel editor for bulk data handling.
  • And much more…

Sneak preview from the development:

SDA Tool preview

SDA Tool preview

Expected prototype launch is July 2015.