FENIX METALS project successfully delivered

Level 3 Technologies won the exciting and complicated project to create a “state of the art” MES system for the FENIX METALS plant in Tarnobrzeg, Poland, in 2018. The project has been made in close cooperation with the customer during the whole period. Several L3T employees has traveled to FENIX METALS in Tarnobrzeg numerous times.

FENIX METALS is the most dedicated and modern tin recycler in Europe, conserving resources through technologically advanced recycling of almost all types of tin residues into refined metals and products.

FENIX produces high grade pure tin and Europe’s widest offering of tin and solder alloys. We supply over 250 products in a variety of shapes such as ingots, bars, sticks, wires, anodes, pellets and granules both as standard products and according to unique customer specifications.